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antivirus cleaning with natural agents



It is extremely challenging to completely disinfect viruses and microbial contamination from all types of surfaces no matter how thorough traditional physical cleaning and sanitisation is.

get disinfection service now to protect your home or business today

We believe that having a clean home doesn’t just mean having a clean and tidy home. Bacteria and viruses can still enter and penetrate your safe spaces even with a clean and tidy home. Family members can bring back viruses and bacteria from the public back home, causing your family members to fall sick and experience health problems. Bacteria and germs can also linger on surfaces, and later on be transferred to human beings upon contact.


The history of fighting to viruses and contagious diseases is almost the same as the entire history of human beings. This COVID-19 shows us there is no such a safe place even in your house. Viruses like Corona, Ebola, MERS, SARS can penetrate your home and linger on surfaces to transfer to human beings upon contact. Disinfecting and sanitising yourself and where you stay regular bases with an effective and safe agent is paramount more than any time. 

bacterias free and natural indoor disinfecting service

looking clean doesn't mean


Now we all learned this invisible virus can go anywhere in this short term of period.

This shows physical cleaning without sanitising properly has a limitation to protect us from the virus. Moreover, the Flue season is coming soon.


From private facilities, offices, schools, nursing homes and hospital, getting regular bases disinfecting services is the answers to slow the spread of contagious illnesses.


The best answer to tackle, you've got OFFDUST natural indoor disinfecting service in your area. 


All OffDust team members passed the Infection Control Training Program the Australian Department of Health. Our hospital-grade disinfectant sterilises the air of the room, effectively kills germs and bacteria up to 99.99% and minimises the risk of infections and contamination. Moreover, it's from natural resources hardly left residues and anything harsh afterward which approved by the Australian Department of Heath. Therefore it's totally safe for people who use or visit the place. 


Furthermore, we’ve adopted one of the best quality ultra-low volume fumigators in the market that allows us to maximise the disinfecting effect by ultra-fine particles which means the target area will be effectively cleaned with a small amount of disinfectant. Take advantage of OFFDUST disinfecting and sanitising service with our natural cleaning to make your place spotlessly clean and sanitised from microbial contamination.


Our fumigator produces ultra-fine particles that cover all types of surfaces and any tiny gaps to maximise the disinfecting result. Ultra-fine particles thoroughly sterilise the indoor air and kill any infected droplets or contaminants in the air. 

Wood and Tiles Natural Cleaning


  • Difficult to reach areas like ceilings, high walls, and cupboards.

  • Difficult to completely eliminate microbial cross-contamination from surfaces and the air which could cause product spoilage and safety issues.


  • Produces fine mists, in significant quantities for maximum impact.

  • High concentrations of fine fog remain in the air to give effective disinfection times.

  • Kills 99.9% of germs and,  your place is perfectly disinfected top to bottom.

with experienced cleaners



setting up the safety zone

The most important thing in environmental cleaning and disinfecting is blocking any hazards from outside and make the target area clear. Therefore, OffDust put warning tapes around and install proper protectors for electric devices to prevent any breakages or hazards. Our cleaners also wear appropriate protective gears and clothing followed by health authority's guideline. Even though we use a natural product, it is also recommendable that any people not related to the cleaning shouldn't be around the target area to prevent any accidents. 

disinfecting covid or ect with eco agents



disinfecting & fumigating the entire surface 

We’ve adopted one of the best quality ultra-low volume fumigators in the market that allows us to maximise disinfecting effect by ultra-fine particles which means the target area wouldn’t be poured or bombarded with a disinfectant but it will be effectively cleaned. Unlike just disinfecting by wiping surfaces, our ultra fumigator actually sterilises the air in a room. COVID-19 is known as it passes by droplets that were floating around the air and transmitted to the human body. Therefore, thorough air sterilisation and total area care would be paramount to prevent the spread of the virus.  

disinfect with pay attention



double coating & reassuring any missed spots

This step the cleaners make sure the whole area is fully covered and reassure the quality of service. They double-check and sanitising any special factors we need to give extra care in re-applying the disinfectant. For example, the special factors could be desks and bathrooms in schools or offices, patient beds, handrails, surgery rooms in hospitals, and each seat and handle in buses, trains and theatres.

professionally clean and complete cleaning jobs



detaching & discarding all disposable items

Any covered protectors and warning tapes are detached. Any environment cleaning and disinfecting related items must not leave in the target area. Cleaners make the place as ready to go for users.

natural cleaning reports



giving on-going care as required

We email all clients regarding the disinfecting and sterilising service. We also issue OFFDUST member's certificate to display for users and your visitors to let them know your place just got the hospital-grade care to welcome their visit and reassure themselves.

offdust is baby, pet and food safe level. 

Our cleaning agent is approved by the Australian Government Department of Health and environmentally safe and proudly manufactured in Australia. This is produced by our neutrophils, or white blood cells, to fight bacteria and inflammation after an infection or trauma. It provides a unique power to eradicate dangerous organisms while not causing harm to our cells.


Our disinfectant is both nontoxic to the delicate cells that can heal our wounds while being lethal to almost all known dangerous bacteria and viruses that threaten our health. It is electrolysed, an antimicrobial solution that eradicates the full spectrum of pathogens such as bacteria, viruses including Ebola, spores, and fungi in the safest way possible. It is proven that the H1N1 virus, Norovirus, and V4-US are all killed within four minutes when it is applied.

STRONG BACTERIA                                                                    week bacteria
offdust natural disinfectan works

offdust is ready to use. 

One of the strengths we have is that there is no needs to wipe down after anti-virus sanitising the place due to it doesn't leave any residues since our cleaning agent reacts very easily and will quickly turn back into saltwater. It's been used since the World Wars for disinfecting medical equipment and dressing wounds. However, until recently, Our solutions would only remain stable for about 90 minutes before turning back into saltwater.

Reduce and disinfect air floating bacteria,virus
Kill germs/virus
Kill the germs 99.99%
Reducing virus
Reducing virus after natural cleaning

where is recommendable?

  • Locker Room Service:  Locker rooms can be a breeding ground for odour-causing bacteria. Locker rooms and equipment are notorious for bacterial odours that could be disinfected in short order.

  • Flu Season Service:  During cold and flu season offer comprehensive disinfecting service to help slow the spread of cold and flu.

  • Decontamination Service:  Norovirus outbreaks or other contagious pathogen outbreaks might result in the closing of a facility for deep cleaning and disinfecting.

  • End of Year School Service:  During the school holiday break, thorough disinfecting of student lockers, classrooms, weight rooms, equipment, etc.

  • Bus or Car Service:  School buses or fleet vehicles could be disinfected or deodorised.

  • Recreation-Fitness Service: Regular service to disinfectant equipment, free weights, lockers, benches, etc.

  • Public Place Service: Wherever hosts many people every day. e.g. Hospital, Childcare, School, University, Gym, Pubs, Theaters, Retail stores, shopping centre, Building communal area (entrance, lobby, lounge, elevators, staircase)


  • Trained Cleaning Team (2 People or more than 2 for bigger buildings, depending on the size)

  • All supplies and tools (Professional fog generators, Pressure Heavy-duty sprayer, Hospital-grade disinfectant products, and PPE etc.) 

  • Eco-friendly disinfectant clean and Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • Provide OFFDUST member's certificate.

  • Easy and quick customer service through live chat, email or phone, Facebook messenger or Instagram direct message. 

natural fumigator cleaning
pressure sprayer to neutralize covid19
certi natural cleaning
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