maintain YOUR property clean naturally

natural strata cleaning service

No strata is too big or small – we are the right company for the job. Our goal is to make your property clean and healthy for residents living in and walking around. 

 As your strata cleaning company, OFFDUST understands you: we offer high-quality services to help you keep your property clean and dustless in a safe and natural way. We will not let any dust up to your hallway and let it blow everywhere. 

 We are experienced not only with strata properties but with houses, childcare centres, offices, too regardless of the tasks. We are proud to have a high satisfaction rate from our clients and we are sure that you will be happy with our services as well. One of the many reasons for that is that we never take on more contracts that we can't handle.  We are a team of honest, punctual, and very efficient, so you can be sure that we will get the job done at the time we agreed. 

Besides OffDust will impress homeowners and guests visiting your building by their exceptional performance. Our well-trained and experienced professionals who are always ready for the job will never let you down regarding any building cleaning related matters in using eco-friendly products, essential oil solutions, and inspected equipment that helps us to keep your property clean from dust, outdoor soil, pet hair, etc. Get fresh and infuse your building with happiness.  




  • Trained Cleaning Team (2 People or more than 2 for bigger buildings, depending on the size)

  • All supplies and tools (Hepa filter vacuums, Blowers, Mops, Green products, and essential oils etc.) 

  • Eco-friendly clean and Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • Put the bins out for your bin collection days and clean and disinfect inside and out regularly with an essential oil solution as required or replace full bins with new liners.

  • Easy and quick customer service through live chat, email or phone, Facebook messenger or Instagram direct message. 

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Your apartment, building or complex is a very important asset. Maximize its value by making your property & facility safer, cleaner and more attractive.

We can customise our service to meet your needs by adjusting job tasks on our checklist.