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Domestic Cleaning Service Perth


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Do you provide cleaning services in my area?

We cover most of the south river, from Fremantle to South Perth and Coogee, Yangebup, Cockburn to the south. If you’re still unsure, just email us then we’ll let you know if we cover that area. Or simply enter your postcode on "Book Now" page. Go Book Now

How many cleaners are coming?

It depends on the size of your job and how busy we are. If you or the task require it, we can send more people. OffDust registers both individual cleaners and teams of two. If you have a preference at time of booking, please advise us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Do you have a cleaning package designed for a ‘Home Open’ or similar event at my house?

With your property being furnished OffDust would recommend we provide our spring clean package to offer a detailed cleaning service, we can also supplement additional items to this cleaning package such as: window cleaning (inside, outside & tracks), interior oven cleaning and tidy up some main external area such as front door.

Do you have specific cleaning package for when I move into a property?

If your property is vacant and unfurnished, we would recommend you let OffDust perform our End of Lease clean package while aimed at people moving out of a property, the cleaning package is tailored for empty properties and to provide detailed cleaning in all areas of the property. If your property is furnished OffDustwould recommend we provide our spring clean package which offers a detailed cleaning service, we can also supplement additional items to this cleaning package such as: window cleaning (inside, outside & tracks), interior oven cleaning.

What time will my cleaner arrive at my property?

Our cleaners will always try to arrive on time for your clean, however, please do note when booking we ask for a 2-hour arrival window to take into account heavy traffic and unforeseen events. We will give you a call if your cleaner is going to be late but please call us on 0434 598 374 for any circumstances.

Do you bring everything to carry out the cleaning?

OffDust will bring everything the vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, mop, buckets, clothes and all other cleaning materials which maintained and sanitised in a good clean condition. We do require running hot water, safe useable electrical outlets & working lights at every property we provide a cleaning service for. Alternatively you can supply your own cleaning products if desired.

Do you use any commercial or industrial strength cleaning products?

No, OffDust pursues natural cleaning. We have food safety level natural cleaner recipes and mainly use them ( e.g. vinegar, bi-carb with natural organic essential oils). We also get some support from green cleaning products from DoTerra on guard. OffDust cleaning teams are not allowed to use harsh chemicals or products that the company doesn't approve to use.

Will you use my cleaning products if I prefer it?

Yes we can, however if they don’t achieve the results we expect or can deliver using our products, the clean may not be covered by our work guarantee.

Are you ok to provide cleaning while my pet is at home?

We are happy to work around friendly household pets. We do ask if you have an overly excitable or aggressive pet to please secure them in a safe location at the property or remove them from the property for the duration of the cleaning service.

Will you move furniture at my property to clean behind it?

Our cleaning teams cannot move heavy or large furniture items (e.g. couches, chairs, tables, white goods) to clean behind or under them due to insurance restrictions. If you would like to move these items prior to or during the cleaning service, our cleaning team will clean behind them for you.

Do you provide cleaning of the outside area of my property?

OffDust primarily focuses on interior domestic cleaning services at your property. Upon request we can provide general sweeping of paved areas outside, e.g. simple sweep and blow up- extra area, we would need to carry out personal quotation (where a cleaner visit the property) for professional quotation for pressure cleaning services. OffDust does not currently provide any gardening services or pool cleaning services.

How often can I have a service?

You can enjoy our domestic natural cleaning services discounted pricing on regular route weekly or fortnightly basis. If you are running out of time, try a twice-weekly service! You will love the extra time for yourself and your family. We also offer a one-off service for spring cleaning.

How long will the cleaning take?

OffDust operates on a cleaning package basis rather than charging by the hour and working to a fixed time limit. As such our cleaners will stay for as long as it takes to complete the cleaning service you have booked, they will work as efficiently as possible while ensuring the cleaning is completed to the highest possible standard.

Will I have the same cleaner each time?

We will always try to keep the same cleaning team for you on each and every visit, however there can be unforeseen circumstances that prevent this from happening as such we will make arrangements to ensure your cleaning service is still covered in that instance.

Do I have to be home during the cleaning service?

We recommend you be there at least for your first service so you can ask questions, give specific requirements and ensure we meet your cleaning expectations. All of our cleaners are police cleared, fully insured and used to working alone in a property. A lot of our Clients are not at home when their cleaner comes and therefore prefer to give the Cleaner a key due to convenience. With our stringent recruitment process, you can have peace of mind in doing so. Please ensure that you have confirmed access arrangements with your cleaner(s) prior to their arrival if you do intend to not be present for the cleaning service.

What do you mean by your cleaners have a ‘Current Police Clearance’?

All of our cleaners have a valid state or national issued police clearance so you know OffDust safe and trustworthy. Upon request, all OffDust cleaning teams will provide you with a copy of their police clearance. If you wish to confirm the validity of the police clearance, please consult your state’s police website or non-emergency contact number. Western Australia – National Police Certificate.

Do you unscrew light fittings and change light globes?

OffDust cleaning teams do not carry any tools and will not use tools to remove light fittings to clean them. Our cleaning teams also do not carry spare light globes.

I have high ceilings, will you still be able to clean up there?

OffDust cleaners do not carry ladders except standard step ladders nor will they use ladders during their cleaning service. If they feel they can safely perform cleaning with an extendable reach tool they will do so. This may effect the cleaning of light fittings, ceiling fans & windows at certain properties.

Do you control mould removal?

We control them but we don't use chlorine cleaners such as bleach. There are many reasons we don't use it, for your lung health, for the earth. But the main reason is bellow. For generations, bleach has been the “go to” product for cleaning mould. Whilst the mould might look like it’s been removed, all that’s been achieved is to take the colour out of the fuzzy stuff on top, so we can no longer see it. The mould membrane underneath is still alive and strong, spurting out mould spores and mycotoxins making people sick, but now it can’t be seen. Small patches of mould can be effectively treated with one of these two safe and readily available solutions in natural ways: Vinegar solution and Tea tree oil solution. In your bathroom we're using vinegar solution that kills up to 82% of all mound species and is an ideal “first use” solution to treat any mould problem. Vinegar will kill the mould but the mould may discolour porous material so that you may be able to find mould stains. To remove the mould residue you may need to use more aggressive cleaning methods or paint over the remaining stain. If it's small spots in your bathroom, we can say that your mould will be killed in our regular service. If you bother those remaining stain, we can remove it in a natural way which takes us extra hours with extra charge upon your request. What if I have a major mould issue? If the mould affected area is bigger than 1 square metre, then it’s probable the mould is also growing in hard to reach places like wall cavities. When you come across a major mould issue, OffDust offers a safe, quickly and highly effective service that’s perfect for cases of significant mould contamination. We also recommend calling a professional mould remediator depending its seriousness.

What do you mean by Additional rooms?

OffDust assumes every property has at least: 1 x living room, 1 x dining room, 1 x kitchen & in some properties 1 x Laundry area (for smaller apartments without one, this is accounted for in your cleaning estimate) Additional rooms, would be rooms not listed above, for example: - Formal lounge/dining room - Theatre room - Study (or study nook) - Games room - Activity room - Sleep out Or other such similar areas Please include all of these rooms as additional rooms in your online booking so that we may provide a more accurate estimate for your cleaning services.

• Quotation, Booking & Payment

Can the cleaner come out and quote?

It depends what kind of cleaning you'd like to book. You can simply get the price and book on our booking page for Standard cleaning, Premium cleaning and Spring cleaning. However, End of lease cleaning and Office cleaning, our team will provide an estimate at your place for a cleaning service. You can book for free quotation either in this website, via email or phone. Please email or call 0434 598 374.

Do I have to pre-buy for cleaning in bulk or sign a contract for a minimum amount of time?

There is a minimum of two Cleaning Services for recurring Bookings. If the recurring Booking is canceled after only one Cleaning Service is provided, the cleaning will be retroactively charged the one-time cleaning rate with a cancellation fee of $100 due to us blocking out a spot in our schedule for your cleaning and any reduced rates charged on the basis of the recurring booking will not apply. For more information about changes and cancellations go to terms and conditions.

Can I change what is included in the cleaning package?

OffDust operates on a complete and whole cleaning package basis. Our cleaning teams carry out a personal quotation, they may offer to customise one of our cleaning packages to your individual needs. However we reserve the right to have a minimum level of service at a property.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently, we accept cash, Bpay and secure online credit card payment Visa & MasterCard). You can simply choose your payment option on Book Now page and change the method whenever you'd like to change by contacting your cleaning team or OffDust.

How do I book for a cleaning service?

All you have to do is click book now, enter your relevant details and you’re on the way to have a spick and span household. We’ll reply on the same business day confirming the appointment and arrival time. Also you can call 0434 598 374 for live help or text us.

• Issue with service

What is meant by your cleaners are ‘Fully insured’?

All OffDust cleaning teams are covered by Public Liability insurance valid up to $10,000,000 in Australia, covering accidental damage & accidents to third parties.

What is the “100% Guarantee”?

Our “100% Guarantee” represents our commitment to you. Should you have a concern with our cleaning service you have received, we will work with you to make it right. Here’s the procedure: • Email us within 24 hours of your cleaning and provide us with details of your concerns and/or issues. • Photos of concerned areas must be required prior to revisit or refunds. • 48 hours grace period is given for End of Lease cleaning. • We will re-schedule the clean at no cost to you on the following business days. Our team will return to your home and address the areas of concern. Please note that re-cleans must be completed within 7 business days of last service to be eligible for credit or refund of service. • After the re-cleaning, if you still have concerns regarding the clean, we will review your issues once again and if we are unable to address your concerns, we will fairly provide a credit or a refund to you.

What can I do if there is a misunderstanding and something is not okay with my booking?

You can get in touch with our customer support to have the problem resolved. We'll try to act right away and assist you with the issue in the best way possible.