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Domestic Cleaning Service Perth


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    Special Anti-allergy Vacuum to capture 99.9% of pollen, pet dander and dust of all floors, stairs, carpet and under beds and furniture. Mop floors and tiles, lifting away dust and allergens.
    Place all miscellaneous items on the beds, tidy up and prepare the room and remove general rubbish. Dust & wipe down accessible surfaces. Dust all furniture and electronics. Clean mirrors throughout. 1x Free bed sheet changing service (required clean bed sheets prepared on a side.) Disinfect light switches and doorknobs. Remove interior cobwebs.
    Wipe mirror and outside of drawers. Disinfect under the rim of a toilet bowl with a steamer. Steam clean sink, vanities taps and bath tub. All scum removed from shower screens, tub, and tiles. Steam clean plug holes and S bends in the drain, killing all the bugs and bacterias. Towels neatly folded and hung. Toilet papers supplied on holders Hand soaps supplied on the basins
    Clean benchtop, splashback, stove top, microwave and oven front. Polish tap and sink. Clean down pipe holes including S bend, killing all the bugs and bacterias with a steamer. Wipe exterior of appliances. Clean exterior of cabinets and drawers. All general rubbish removed(Not FOGO & recycle bin), placed in outdoor bins outside and indoor bin liners replaced.
    All accessible surfaces, objects, and furniture wiped down tidied and dusted. All rubbish removed, placed in outdoor bins outside and indoor bin liners replaced.
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