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We are more than eco-friendly. We are eco-warriors, health conscious cleaning business in Perth, Western Australia. OFF DUST's natural cleaning improves your indoor air quality and safe for children and pets. OFF DUST provides your house is just as sparkly clean without worrying about the kids or puppies getting sick if they lick the floors. Go get natural cleaning. The earlier the better we say! 


For your convenience, we have put together four great value home cleaning packages, so you can choose the level of detail you require:


If you are sensitive about dust on your carpet or suffering from some dust allergies, we recommend our Natural Premium Cleaning Service. High standard anti-allergy vacuum machine, natural products, steam cleaner and lots of essential oil options are included. 


If you look for a regular base cleaning service which cleans where you touch and use every day in your busy life, we recommend our Natural Standard Cleaning. This will give you hassle free and cleaning free life. 


Our Spring Cleaning is recommended quarterly base for our regular customers or someone needs a wide volume of cleaning area. This includes where you never touched such as high dusting and cleaning range hood.  


End of lease cleaning is different from Spring cleaning. All the furniture must be emptied in your property except unremovable ones. You can only focus on moving out. The cleaning part is on us. 


The office is your second home. Get Natural Office Cleaning. That will not only improve the indoor air quality but also your employee's performance. 


For more information, please go to each service section and find the checklist. 


OFF DUST has a big proud of its highly trained and experienced cleaning team. They have a good work ethic and guaranteed you can fully trust them working at your house.


The team will come with full of supplies and complete tools to do the work optimally and efficiently. They are also committed to only use eco-friendly cleaning products. It is to make sure that, while the cleaning result will be optimums, it won’t leave any harmful residues exposing your family and the surrounding environment.


Our cleaning teams make sure each and every task on the checklist and completed optimally with satisfaction guaranteed. 








  • Chandeliers, Light Bulbs.

  • Hoarding, Animal Waste.

  • High Reach Areas(More than 2 step ladder).

  • Building material/rubbish removal.

  • Moving furniture that has delicate valuables on it (like dining room/lounge display tables)

  • Mould removal upon request

  • Cleaning of deep stains, pet messes, and other heavy soilings

  • Lifting heavy items (such as furniture or white goods)
  • Cleaning or maintenance of outside areas such as garages, patios, decks, and gardens

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