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Home Made Natural Product

Home Made Natural Product

We create our own extremely effective natural cleaning products using only the finest and most natural ingredients including: baking soda, organic liquid soap, essential oils, distilled water, vinegar and many more eco-friendly ingredients.

doTERRA’s On Guard Cleaner

doTERRA’s On Guard Cleaner

doTERRA’s On Guard Cleaner Concentrate is the natural and safe way to clean your living space while leaving a clean and invigorating scent.

eco-friendly house cleaning service in perth 

OffDust believes that sustainable living begins from where you stay and spend your most of time daily. Choices like the food we put in our bodies, the paint we put on our walls, and the cleaners we have around our homes have power; the power to rob us of good health or to cultivate it. If you keep the small environment around you like your home, office and building clean and safe, it goes bigger, circulates the world and eventually contribute to the Earth, the only planet we live.  

Unfortunately, being green is hard, inconvenient, lot of work and research required, therefore, many people wanted to live eco-friendly but gave up as time goes by. OffDust has put our effort, done the research, looked at all ingredients on pretty much all so-called natural cleaning products in the market, tested them, sorted out and found the best effective way of many different cases on behalf of you. 



There are countless benefits for you in turning to eco-cleaning. The conventional cleaning products that we can easily find on the supermarket shelves are usually mixture of many different chemicals. They were invented as a quick fix. So, they are quite strong but very convenient and reduced my time and effort when cleaning. However, these chemical particles could stay long on the surfaces, go around the air, penetrate into your skin, even mix up with other chemicals around and turned into harsh toxins where we touch and breathe. Bleach, for example, is very effective disinfectant but it has the risk of developing respiratory conditions such as asthma. 


But natural cleaning by the way, kills germs and bacteria in a different way. What OffDust team does is all about acid and basicity to kill germs and bacteria. You can even prevent from pretty much all kind of virus even COVID-19 by super hot steam and corn-based alcohol which is in our cleaners’ kit. It is totally food safe level but it does the job great. Your place will be disinfected and sanitised as the same standard as the conventional cleaning way but safe from all toxins and allergens. Even the water we let go to the ocean isn’t harsh if you think about it all circulates and comes back to my tap water. So just by hiring eco-friendly cleaners, you contribute to the mother nature. 


However, are we different? No, we are just very strict. There is literally no secret of what we do and use for cleaning. Only a few simple rules exist to follow which are honest work and no tricks what so ever. Unfortunately, not all cleaning companies around Perth have the strict training or management to motivate their team who will ace the jobs.


We use a combination of our own specials (not to mention very effective) recipes including bi-carb and vinegar, and food & child safe level and some plant, mineral-based green products with Australian made essential oils. 





our main goal is to ensure maximum safety for you, your family, and your guests

Our mission and vision is to be environmentally responsible and be aware of and act like we are part of the health-conscious group. For our OffDust team, a clean and hygienic home environment is the key of family wellness. Ensuring a healthy home environment requires us to give huge attention to every little thing inside and surrounding our house. House cleaning is definitely a routine task that must be taken very seriously.

What we clean would be which way you’d like to clean yourself. With so many things to do from taking care of the kids to the busy workloads, it seems like you always run out time and already tire enough to do the house cleaning. Just like most other people, you tend to only do light cleaning work and wait for spare time to do the full cleaning of the house. Rather than just waiting the right time that may be still too long to come, it is better to hire a professional house cleaning service to do the work and OFF DUST, the eco-friendly Perth cleaning company, is one of the best you can trust.

OffDust promises no matter what kind of cleaning service you need, we can provide it in natural way. Its services range from routine house cleaning(premium, standard cleaning) weekly or fortnightly, to cleaning for specific needs like spring cleaning or end of lease cleaning.

Clients can choose any types of cleaning flexibly by giving the checklist upon reserving the service.

here is right one of eco-friendly cleaning services for you

As one of the cleaning companies who stands for eco-friendly service, we also face some limitation and those criticism that natural cleaning doesn’t work. Well, we can’t remove all the old stains that stays there so long because cleaning is certainly not magic. But those deeply absorbed stains are really hard to remove with conventional chemical cleaners as well and you have more chances to ruin or discolour the parts of furniture or house. We’ve got to admit that those neglected ones were just needed to be cleaned earlier rather than waiting this long.


However, our researching never ends. There are tons of new eco cleaning products and tools released out in the market every year. OffDust will never get tired of testing those and improving the quality of our cleaning service.     

Create healthier surroundings with OffDust,

THE eco friendly Perth cleaning company.  

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