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The first sign of spring is not the only time we want to give our home a deep clean. We can spring clean any time of year, any time we feel a certain room–or the whole house–needs a thoroughly good going over.


Our Spring Cleaning Package includes a deep clean of your entire home. It comes with lots of extra cleaning tasks that tend not to get done on a regular basis. As well as the standard services you would associate with a professional clean, such as washing floors and sanitising toilets, our Spring Cleaning Package includes serious attention to detail.


For example, we will dust lamp shades, wipe door handles and frames, and even dust your skirting. When we’re done, you will feel like a breath of fresh, spring air has permeated your entire property and it’s time for the sun to shine!


Our cleaners are extremely flexible and can custom-clean according to your needs and requests. Simply let us know what needs attention and how you like things done. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.


  • Trained Cleaning Team (2 People or 1 for smaller residences, depending on the size)

  • All supplies and tools (Hepa filter vacuums, Steam Cleaners, Mops, Green products, and essential oils etc.) 

  • A checklist is left on your first clean to check through. If anything’s not done properly on the checklist, we’ll come back in 48hrs.

  • Eco-friendly clean and Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • Easy and quick customer service through live chat, email or phone, Facebook messenger or Instagram direct message. 



  • Vacuum dust of all floors, stairs, carpet and under beds and furniture with an Industrial strength backpack vacuum cleaner
  • Mop floors and tiles, lifting away dust and allergens.


  • Place all miscellaneous items on the beds, tidy up and prepare the room.
  • Dust & wipe down accessible surfaces.
  • Dust all furniture, electronics and clean mirrors throughout.
  • Disinfect light switches, doorknobs and door frames.
  • Remove interior cobwebs.
  • Dust window sills, door frames, skirting boards and air vents


  • Wipe mirror and outside of drawers.
  • Disinfect under the rim of a toilet bowl with a steamer.
  • Steam clean sink, vanities taps and bath tub.
  • All scum removed from shower screens, tub and, tiles.
  • Steam clean plug holes and S bends in the drain, killing all the bugs and bacterias.
  • Dust accessible air vents.
  • Dust & wipe out all walls.
  • Towels neatly folded and hung.


  • Clean benchtop, splashback, stove top, exterior range hood, microwave and oven front.
  • Polish tap and sink.
  • Wipe exterior of appliances.
  • All general rubbish removed(Not FOGO & recycle bin), placed in outdoor bins outside and indoor bin liners replaced.
  • Clean exterior of cabinets and drawers.


  • All accessible surfaces, objects, and furniture wiped down tidied and dusted.
  • All rubbish removed, placed in outdoor bins outside and indoor bin liners replaced.
  • Dust window sills, door frames, skirting boards and air vents.

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