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Clean Your Place with Healthy Breeze

Off Dust is a cleaning service house company based in Perth that will bring your home natural healthy breeze.

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We serve across Perth. Everybody needs a cleaning service house and use it at least once a month to keep their homes clean. Even if homeowners can clean their houses, it will not be as clean as when the professional clean them. In this article, we are going to give how to choose the best professional house cleaners who won’t leave any dust, germs, and other dirty stuff at the bay. Also, we will tell you why you need to hire a professional when it comes to cleaning your home especially if you have a certain health condition like asthma, the allergic reaction towards dust, and so on.

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How to Choose the Best Cleaning Service for your house ?

Before you book a cleaning service for your home, you might be a bit overwhelmed with how many companies offering similar services on the Internet. This is why you need to read this section because it is important to get the best service from a reputable company. Also, these tips will help you if you will get the most of your money out of the service or not.

Determine the scope

What do you need? It is important to determine which area should be cleaned and what parts you want to exclude especially if you are on a tight budget.  Bathrooms and kitchens are areas that mostly done by the cleaning service. Some of them are adjustable so you can adjust it with your needs.

Frequency matters Regular cleaning is important and a reputable cleaning service company will give this option to you. Regular cleanings are commonly cheaper than if you book for one visit. Still, you need to ask this thing to the service provider so you can adjust it with your need. So far, an adjustable and customizable schedule is important.

Read reviews or ask for friends’ recommendation Reviews do matter. It will ensure you if you should use the service from a certain company or not. If you are not so sure about the online review, you can always ask your friends or family members for a recommendation. It will save a lot of time and prevent headache if you are committed to this cleaning service thing. Some of them even give credits if you come to them from a recommendation. However, if you do not have someone to ask, you can always go to the Internet and read the review. The review is the bottom line before you choosing a service.

What is Off Dust? As we have mentioned earlier, #OffDust is a cleaning service house company that will come to your home after you make a book. Off Dust is considered as one of the best cleaning service companies in Australia that will take houses and offices as their main concern. We provide three main things when they sweep your house. The first is the Anti- Allergy service that will benefit you who have asthma. Our equipment has been certified by the National Asthma Council of Australia. Moreover, we also provide Steam Cleaner that will kill bacterial with natural ingredients as their standards.   Other than that, our natural cleaning service puts Eco-Friendly in the first place. We are health-conscious cleaning business so their products are only eco-friendly stuff for the sake of a sustainable environment and healthier users.

How does It Work?

If you book a cleaning service, you do not need to do anything. You just need to head to their official website and book a cleaning with specific date and time. After we confirm your booking and you pay for the service, we will come to the address you have given and clean your place. We are professionals with years of experience along with certified equipment. Everything will be sparkling once we are done the cleaning.

What Do OffDust Offer? OffDust is committed to the eco-friendly and natural healthy considering we are very concerned about health cleaning in the business. We promise to give better air quality in your home and office. On the other hand, it will not harm your children and pets. Natural cleaning is our forte so your pets would not get sick even if they lick your floor after the cleaning process. There are four types of services offered by Off Dust. Each service is natural and harmless for everyone.

Natural Premium Cleaning This service is suitable for you who have kids, pets, or certain allergic reactions. Other than that, the products used are natural and the vacuums have been approved by the National Asthma Council Australia. For a healthy environment and easier breathing, Off Dust will vacuum your home with Five-Stage Mediclean Filtration that will filter the air inside our home. You will have a checklist so if you are not happy with our works, the team will come back in 48 hours.

Natural Standard Cleaning This service is suitable for you who require a natural and clean living space. We will come to your home regularly such as weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly and clean your home. The service will cover all basic tidying and then vacuum, steam, mop, dust, and clean the entire home. It includes bathrooms and kitchens too. Just like Off Dust always told you, we will only use eco-friendly, non-toxic, and effective cleaning products.

Natural One-Off or Spring Cleaning This service will allow you to give a deep clean to your home anytime you want. The deep clean package includes the entire house along with some extra cleaning tasks that will not be done when you clean your home. The details include but not limited to sanitising toilets and washing floors. Your lampshades and skirting would be in their attention too if you want to. This package is flexible and adjustable that will meet your requests and needs.

Natural End of Lease Cleaning If you rent your home for years or you will move out from your current house and there is a lot to take care of, all you need is to call Off Dust. The End of Lease cleaning will allow you to sit back and relax or pack anything you need while the home is cleaned by the professionals. This service is different from day-to-day service and might give the cleanest result compared to other services offered by this company. The house will be ready for the next renter or you.

Natural Office Cleaning If your office is your second home, you need it to be cleaned properly. Other than offering a cleaning service house, We are also ready to clean your office at an affordable rate without leaving the natural stuff at the bay. Cleaning your office is necessary especially if you spend half of your week in this place. A healthy environment is needed so the indoor air quality is well-maintained. All you need to do is request a visit.

Why Do We Choose the Off Dust?

Off Dust has been in the business for years. Our teams are highly trained and experienced when it comes to cleaning and making a healthier indoor environment. Other than services, we also provide an excellent work ethic in the first place so you can trust them.When we visit your home, we have supplies and complete equipment to do the task efficiently and optimally. As we have mentioned earlier, we only use eco-friendly cleaning products that will ensure the air quality inside your house and prevent any health concern later. Customers will get a checklist so they can check if you are not happy with our work. However, there are areas and things we do not clean in your house. Since this is a cleaning service for home or office, the service does not include maintenance and cleaning outside your houses such as decks, gardens, patios, and garages. We will not move furniture with delicate valuables such as display tables and anything in your dining room as well as lifting heavy items. The service also does not clean any deep stain, heavy soiling, and pet messes. For areas that are hard to reach or requires more than two-step ladder, we will not clean it as well as rubbish removal and building material. Hoarding and animal wastes are also on the exclusion list. However, you can request mold removal as extra service.

Why Do We Need Home Cleaning Services?

Many people are wondering whether or not it is worth it to hire a cleaning service home company to clean the entire home. The thing that should be underlined is that many people do not like to clean their house regularly especially if they have a tight schedule. On the other hand, it is important to keep the house clean and leave the dust out of the house. Here are several reasons why you need to hire a home cleaning service especially if you are busy. We believe that it is worth the money after all. 1. Professional clean Since we are professionals, we know how to treat different surfaces when most people do not know it. Other than using special products to get rid of dust and dirt, we also know how to make all surfaces spark when you get home. Professional services will also touch the surface that you commonly forgot that they also need treatments and maintenances. The good news is that some of the professional use natural products to clean your home so the indoor air quality is improved while your home is clean as new. 2.Keep illnesses at the bay If cleaning your home takes the time that you cannot make, you will not also disinfect certain areas like kitchen and washrooms. On the other hand, those things could lead to illnesses considering people rarely sanitise those areas properly. If you hire a reputable cleaning service company to clean your home, you can ensure that anything is well-cleaned and sanitised which will leave illnesses and allergic reactions at bay. The first thing is making sure that the company provides those specific services after all. 3.Customisable and adjustable Another good thing that you would love from a professional cleaning service house company is that they will do what you ask for. A reputable company will provide such a service that will allow you to customise the service. For example, you need to deep clean the entire home after years of renting. Some companies are reachable through websites and emails. The ordering process is also simple which only requires you to fill the form and wait for their confirmation. The hours are also flexible and you can choose the most suitable for you and your schedule. 4.Save your time The presence of a cleaning service is to save your time. Whether you work at home or the office, you will need a cleaning service to help you clean the home especially if you do not have time. For example, can you clean two carpets in your home while you have a bunch of works to finish? Besides no good finish, it will cut off your time to finish your works. This is why it is better to hire a cleaning service company. They will clean your carpet properly, keep out the dust and dirt out of your home, and you do not need to do anything at all. As we have mentioned earlier, professionals know what they are doing and what technics they should apply. 5.It is worth your money Nowadays, it seems like you will find it easy to get an affordable cleaning service house without dealing with the hassle. Anything can be accessed online and the appointment can even be arranged online too. After we give you a confirmation and you pay the rate, we will come to your home and clean it entirely. There is no hidden charge and you get what you pay for.   So, are you still wondering whether or not you need a cleaning service house?

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